Africa Thrives


There are hundreds of challenges when growing a company from tiny to $1 million in annual revenues. Hundreds more unique to growing companies in Africa.

Funding is the #1 challenge. The next 99 are rarely ever talked about. And no one has yet created a compendium of these challenges nor stories of how they were solved. Until now.

Africa Thrives is a website and book written by African entrepreneurs for African entrepreneurs, collated and organized by the team at Africa Eats.

If you are building a company in Africa and want to share your story, contact us.

If you help grow companies in Africa and want to share your challenges too, contact us.

If you fund companies in Africa, you have challenges too. Often challenges that the investees would benefit from understanding. So please contact us to share those too.

This week we’re inviting the whole Sankalp Africa community to join in. In addition to the first few stories shared by Africa Eats bizi and Land Accelerator Africa alumni, we’re interviewing Sankalp entrepreneurs for two days, and we’re hosting a workshop to share some of these stories live.

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