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More than 48% of the produce grown is wasted in Tanzania, amounting to over 4.7 million tons of food that would have otherwise been income to farmers. This is due to post-harvest losses suffered by smallholder farmers resulting from poor farming, transport and storage mechanisms. Much of this is due to farmers’ lack of access to markets, which makes them rely on middlemen. Usually it takes two to...

Golden Cat

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There are only two ways in which a nation that fed 8.9 million in 1962 at independence can feed 12+ million now and 20+ million by 2050.  Either by clearing more forest or improving productivity. Rwanda so far has done more clearing than improving on productivity. Golden Cat exists to improve productivity through improved irrigation, use of fertilizer, technology and innovation, all using a...


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Post harvest food losses and waste is a major problem in the food and agriculture industry in sub-Saharan Africa. It is estimated that every year almost 50% of fruits and vegetables, 40% of roots and 20% of cereals are lost. This especially affects smallholder farmers and the food industry in general. It results in seasonal shortages and price hike African agriculture has long been a symbol of...

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