East Africa Fruits

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More than 48% of the produce grown is wasted in Tanzania, amounting to over 4.7 million tons of food that would have otherwise been income to farmers. This is due to post-harvest losses suffered by smallholder farmers resulting from poor farming, transport and storage mechanisms. Much of this is due to farmers’ lack of access to markets, which makes them rely on middlemen. Usually it takes two to...

OBRI Tanzania

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Tanzania contributes over a third of all the sunflower seeds produced in Africa yet over half of the cooking oil is imported, costing the country over 120 million USD each year. OBRI Tanzania works directly with smallholder sunflower growers to process and supply high quality, healthier and affordable sunflower cooking oil targeting low-income families in Tanzania who constitute about 80% of the...

Swahili Honey

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More than 70% of Tanzanians live in rural areas and they depend on agriculture to survive. The drying climate, unstable market prices for their produce, and lack of access to local and global markets are the main three challenges keeping these farmers in the cycle of poverty. Swahili Honey is a sustainable beekeeping and honey production brand that aggregates and sells high quality honey produced...

Rogathe Dairy

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Tanzania spends over $300 million USD importing 22 million liters of milk each year, despite the country having the 2nd most amount of cattle in Africa. Rogathe Dairy Farm Products processes and distributes 3,500 liters of raw milk daily (up from 350 liters thanks to the investment from the Fledge accelerator), collected directly from smallholder dairy farmers, fortified with vitamins and...


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“Roughly one-third of the maize produced in the world for human consumption every year, approximately 1.3 billion tones are wasted. These losses are particularly unfortunate in Africa where 220 million people are estimated to be undernourished”. – United Nations Every smallholder farmer knows the success of his crop depends on the quality of inputs, from the best seeds to proper irrigation and...

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