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Visiting Goldenpot

Goldenpot aggregates maize from women smallholder farmers in Tanzania, and with it manufactures instant porridge and breakfast cereal. Last month we visited the factory in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Visiting Swahili Honey

Swahili Honey aggregates honey and beeswax from across Tanzania, selling bottled honey in Tanzania and Kenya, and exporting bulk honey and beeswax globally. Last month we visited the factory in Dodoma, Tanzania.

Visiting Rogathe Dairy

Rogathe Dairy aggregates milk across the Coastal Region of Tanzania, pasteurizing and culturing into yogurt and mtindi. Last month we visited the factory.

Visiting Ziweto Nutrition Solutions

Ziweto Enterprise started as a wholesaler and retailer of agrovet supplies, and they have grown to be the largest such company in Malawi. Last year Ziweto Nutrition Solutions was opened, manufacturing animal feeds to sell in those stores. Last month we visited the factory in Lilongwe, Malawi.

Ziweto Enterprise

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Visiting Agromyx

Africa Eats is not a passive investor in the bizi. We talk to at least one of them each day, helping through the latest challenges or helping think through the next big strategic decision. Plus a few times per year we burn a little jet fuel and many hours of driving to go visit in person. The latest of these visits was to Accra, Ghana to visit Agromyx, which has expanded its product line from...

Visiting Kisii and Kisumu, Kenya

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After attending Sankalp Africa and spending two days in-person with the bizi CEOs and co-founders, it was time to visit a few bizi in person on the other side of Kenya. Boka Eats in Kisii After visiting Boka Eats we met Governor Simba Arati (who didn’t allow cameras in the meeting). The EU paid for the factory and Kisii County is the landlord, so we met to tell him about Africa Eats and our...

Visiting Paniel Meat Processing and Livestock Bank

Paniel Meat Processing and Livestock Bank, two companies created by the same founder merged back together in early 2022. Business is good, growing from $35,000 in annual revenues back in 2017 to over $1.5 million USD in 2022.

In short… it works. Quite well. To see what that means in practice, below is a site visit video shot this month in Kigali, Rwanda.

TRUK’s wide reach

TRUK Rwanda header

Two years ago, Paniel Meat Processing spun out its logistics department into a standalone logistics company, TRUK, serving other food/ag companies in Rwanda. Two years later, they are not just moving food around Rwanda, but all across Eastern Africa, from Kampala in Uganda to Nairobi and Mombasa in Kenya, out to the port of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania along with Arusha, Dodoma, Mbeya, and Songara...

TRUK (Rwanda)

TRUK logo

Back in 2020 when the pandemic began, Paniel Meat Processing found itself with an internal logistics system covering the major cities in Rwanda, but excess capacity due to the lockdowns. To keep the trucks busy, they spun out Paniel Transport & Logistics. Creating new companies to solve internal problems was not new to Herve Tuyishime, founder/CEO. He had done the same with livestock...

Stories of for-profit solutions to hunger and poverty

Africa Eats teaser images

There are so many incredible stories to share at Africa Eats. Here is a sampling of the type of solutions we’ve invested in. Homegrown, for-profit solutions with measurable impacts lessening hunger and poverty across Africa.

For more stories, listen to The Opportunity is Africa, a podcast brought to you by Africa Eats

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