$36+ million of annual revenues

A year ago we touted $24 million in aggregate annual revenues from the bizi for calendar year 2022, up more than three-fold from 2019. For 2023, that total exceeded $36 million, which is more than 5x in four years, and up 60x over the last decade. The bigger growth stories in 2023 were: TRUK Rwanda, which tripled in 2023 to $6.4 million in annual revenues, up from zero four years earlier as the...

Images from 2022

Nothing replaces visiting companies in person. Next best from that are the video guided tours. If you’ve not watched all of those, try that tonight instead of Netflix. Beyond that, here are some images from the bizi in 2022. An original truck from TRUK Rwanda The winning pitch from East Africa Fruits Ziweto‘s new animal feed factory Zamgoat processing goats Amuria Honey beehive...

Visiting Paniel Meat Processing and Livestock Bank

Paniel Meat Processing and Livestock Bank, two companies created by the same founder merged back together in early 2022. Business is good, growing from $35,000 in annual revenues back in 2017 to over $1.5 million USD in 2022.

In short… it works. Quite well. To see what that means in practice, below is a site visit video shot this month in Kigali, Rwanda.

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