Ziweto Enterprise – Animal Feed

Ziweto Enterprise, factory

Ziweto Enterprise now manufacturers animal feed concentrates in Lilongwe, Malawi, helping lower the cost of animal feeds for smallholder farmers in Malawi, making livestock more affordable to more farmers.

Growing protein in Rwanda

How we made it in Africa, podcast

Rwanda has one of the fast growing economies of the world and as more and more Rwandans leave poverty and enter the middle class, their demand for protein, especially meat, growth even faster. The same demand was seen over a century ago when Europe grew itself out of poverty and replicated again in Asia over the last few decades. This is the trend that led Herve Tuyishime to start Paniel Meat...

Chicken Basket

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Western Kenya consumes 400,000 chickens every day, but only 20% is locally produced. The rest are produced elsewhere in Kenya or imported from Uganda. Chicken Basket works directly with smallholder poultry farmers through aggregation, processing and distribution of chickens into the local market. We train farmers on sustainable and commercialization of poultry farming, the vetenary officer must...

Ziweto Enterprise

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Ziweto Enterprises improves lives by raising the value of livestock, providing smallholder farmers access to quality and affordable veterinary and animal nutrition products through its network of “Ziweto Agrovet Shops” In Malawi, smallholder farmers lose 30% of their farm animals to preventable diseases. Farmers lack access to reliable and affordable animal health services, often trekking long...


Geossy logo

Geossy is a commercial aquaculture farm based in Tororo District, Eastern region of Uganda Geossy produces tilapia for sale to local and regional markets as well as fish feeds and fingerlings for its own fish farm and for sale to other fish farms in Eastern Uganda. Geossy currently owns a 19 acre hatchery, a 50-year commercial fish license to farm in Lake Victoria, Majanji District, and two feed...

Papoli Farmers Association

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Papoli Farmers’ Association (PFA) works together with smallholder farmers to raise turkey on pasture, grains and red worms, giving the farmers the vital inputs. PFA aggregates the birds, processes and sales to various outlets like supermarkets, butcheries and hotels. We focus on turkey as malnutrition continues to be a huge developmental challenge for Uganda and is one of the principal causes of...

Boka Eats

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Kenyan chickens consume over 900 thousand tons of feeds per year.  Total demand is estimated at 1.4 million tons, left unfilled due to lack of domestic production and high costs. This disparity is greater in the more rural part of Kenya.  In Kisii Country, demand is estimated at 80,000 tons, but only 14,000 tons are consumed. Boka Eats has the potential to meet all of this demand, plus...

Paniel Meat Processing

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“When talking about malnutrition [in Africa], it is estimated that [malnutrition] is the underlying cause of 35% to 40% children’s deaths” – The World Health Organization Malnutrition is not just a lack of calories, it is caused by a lack of protein and essential amino acids, both most easily supplied with meat. The problem isn’t a lack of nutritional knowledge, it is a lack of affordable...

Rogathe Dairy

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Tanzania spends over $300 million USD importing 22 million liters of milk each year, despite the country having the 2nd most amount of cattle in Africa. Rogathe Dairy Farm Products processes and distributes 3,500 liters of raw milk daily (up from 350 liters thanks to the investment from the Fledge accelerator), collected directly from smallholder dairy farmers, fortified with vitamins and...


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Nigeria needs 60 million metric tons of chickens per year but only 30 percent are produced in Nigeria, despite over 23 million smallholder Nigerian farmers. These farmers are not producing due to three factors: lack of capital, lack of knowledge, and lack of access to markets. Birdpreneur solves all these issues, funding farmers through crowdfunding, teaching farmers best practices, and...

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