Over 60% of Zambia’s 17m+ population live in rural areas and over 90% of these people are smallholder farmers. Most Zambian farmers engage in livestock farming especially goats but lack access to an organized market to turn those goats into income. 

Zamgoat empowers smallholder farmers, by creating a sustainable market opportunity for goats, buying goats from farmers, butchering and processing the goat meat, and selling the resulting products to the urban Zambian residents.  Specifically:

  1. We supply smallholder farmers with improved breeding stocks of goats, ideal for meat production. Working with other stakeholders, we also innovatively train and inform smallholders on sustainable agriculture and the best goat husbandry practices, which enhances both their productivity, consistence of supply and the quality of goats supplied to Zamgoat.
  2. We process, brand and supply high quality and healthy goat meat and related products at affordable prices, serving the growing urban demand for goat meat in Zambia, the region and the global export markets.

The estimated annual demand in Zambia is 60,000 tons, while existing supply is less than 1,000 tons. In addition, buyers from Saudi Arabia expressed a demand in their country of at least 100,000 tons of goat meat per year, an annual market opportunity of over $4 million, but not a single goat has yet been exported to meet the Saudi Arabian demand.

Currently, Zamgoat supplies goat sausages and biltong to small retail stores, restaurants, hotels and other meat suppliers in Lusaka. By 2020 the company targets expansion to the Copperbelt towns and other urban markets across Zambia, serving millions of consumers.

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