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Two years ago, Paniel Meat Processing spun out its logistics department into a standalone logistics company, TRUK, serving other food/ag companies in Rwanda. Two years later, they are not just moving food around Rwanda, but all across Eastern Africa, from Kampala in Uganda to Nairobi and Mombasa in Kenya, out to the port of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania along with Arusha, Dodoma, Mbeya, and Songara...

TRUK (Rwanda)

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Back in 2020 when the pandemic began, Paniel Meat Processing found itself with an internal logistics system covering the major cities in Rwanda, but excess capacity due to the lockdowns. To keep the trucks busy, they spun out Paniel Transport & Logistics. Creating new companies to solve internal problems was not new to Herve Tuyishime, founder/CEO. He had done the same with livestock...

Growing protein in Rwanda

How we made it in Africa, podcast

Rwanda has one of the fast growing economies of the world and as more and more Rwandans leave poverty and enter the middle class, their demand for protein, especially meat, growth even faster. The same demand was seen over a century ago when Europe grew itself out of poverty and replicated again in Asia over the last few decades. This is the trend that led Herve Tuyishime to start Paniel Meat...

Golden Cat

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There are only two ways in which a nation that fed 8.9 million in 1962 at independence can feed 12+ million now and 20+ million by 2050.  Either by clearing more forest or improving productivity. Rwanda so far has done more clearing than improving on productivity. Golden Cat exists to improve productivity through improved irrigation, use of fertilizer, technology and innovation, all using a...

Paniel Meat Processing

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“When talking about malnutrition [in Africa], it is estimated that [malnutrition] is the underlying cause of 35% to 40% children’s deaths” – The World Health Organization Malnutrition is not just a lack of calories, it is caused by a lack of protein and essential amino acids, both most easily supplied with meat. The problem isn’t a lack of nutritional knowledge, it is a lack of affordable...

Livestock Bank

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The demand for livestock and poultry products is growing faster than the production in African countries.  Local meat production covers part of the demand, while the rest is met by imports.  The major constraints for production are inadequate feeds in terms of quality and quantity, diseases, poor genetics, and lack of commercial orientation. To feed the growing African middle class, the...

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