Amuria Honey

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From the founders of Geossy comes Amuria Honey, a new honey processor based in the Amuria District of Uganda.

Saving and investing in seeds – Agro Supply

Maize seed

Most of us are used to savings and investments being the realm of banks and brokers.  But for the masses in Uganda (and Sub-Saharan Africa) the banks are too far and too expensive and the local currencies a poor way to save. Instead, savings often take the form of bricks to build a home or a few chickens to feed the children or now with Agro Supply, seeds for the next planting season...


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Geossy is a commercial aquaculture farm based in Tororo District, Eastern region of Uganda Geossy produces tilapia for sale to local and regional markets as well as fish feeds and fingerlings for its own fish farm and for sale to other fish farms in Eastern Uganda. Geossy currently owns a 19 acre hatchery, a 50-year commercial fish license to farm in Lake Victoria, Majanji District, and two feed...

Green Charcoal Uganda

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90% of Ugandan energy comes from biomass fuel with only 1% from electricity.  Charcoal production in Uganda is estimated at 0.85 million tons per year.  This high consumption can no longer be sustainable, requiring cutting down of 75 million trees annually. Green Charcoal Uganda manufactures carbonized and non-carbonized briquettes from palm kernel husks, rice husks, coffee husks, and...

Papoli Farmers Association

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Papoli Farmers’ Association (PFA) works together with smallholder farmers to raise turkey on pasture, grains and red worms, giving the farmers the vital inputs. PFA aggregates the birds, processes and sales to various outlets like supermarkets, butcheries and hotels. We focus on turkey as malnutrition continues to be a huge developmental challenge for Uganda and is one of the principal causes of...

Agro Supply

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Uganda is an agricultural economy, 89% of the citizens are smallholder farmers creating 69% of the GDP. Smallholder farmers spend a considerable share of their income on inputs, plus quite a lot of additional debt.  Limited capital and poor access to agricultural inputs clearly constrains farmer productivity Limited capital leave farmers’ income and livelihood at risk from drought, floods...


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The demand for poultry products is growing faster than the production in African countries. Egg production covers part of the demand being the cheapest source of protein, while the rest is met by imports.  The major constraints for production are inadequate feeds in terms of quality and quantity, diseases, poor genetics, and lack of commercial orientation. To feed the growing African middle...

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