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Papoli Farmers’ Association (PFA) works together with smallholder farmers to raise turkey on pasture, grains and red worms, giving the farmers the vital inputs. PFA aggregates the birds, processes and sales to various outlets like supermarkets, butcheries and hotels.

We focus on turkey as malnutrition continues to be a huge developmental challenge for Uganda and is one of the principal causes of under-five mortality. Despite marginal reduction in stunting in children under five, from 44·8% in 1995 to 33·2% in 2011, 16 percent of children under 5 are underweight while 6 percent are wasted, and 12 percent of women are malnourished

According to the Ugandan government’s budget, more than a third of the country lives on less than $1/day. In rural Uganda, it is nearly 70%.

Turkey meat is well sought after in Uganda. Turkey occupies an important position next to chicken in contributing to the rapidly evolving sector, poultry,  playing a significant role in augmenting the economic and nutritional status of varied population in Uganda.

Despite all these, due to their high mortality rate at infancy because of lack of good husbandry practice and knowledge, turkeys form only two percent of the total poultry population of 23.5 million birds, 100% are backyard raised.

Regional analysis shows that in the Eastern region 3.5% of the households owned turkeys, and is the highest in all region of Uganda.

In 2019 we produced over 2,500 birds, earning $42,000 in revenue. Our goal is to raise 9,000 birds in 2020, earning over $151,200 in revenue, and 15,000 birds by 2021 earning over $ 252,300.

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