The demand for poultry products is growing faster than the production in African countries. Egg production covers part of the demand being the cheapest source of protein, while the rest is met by imports.  The major constraints for production are inadequate feeds in terms of quality and quantity, diseases, poor genetics, and lack of commercial orientation.

To feed the growing African middle class, the poultry industry needs to grow immensely.

Oreegs provides the best breed of chicks, chicken, and organic eggs, to farmers, along with the feed and veterinary services.  We provide all this for free to farmers, purposefully distributing Chicken to as many farms as possible.

Oreegs operates today in ten sub-counties, Rubongi and Paya with 943 smallholder farmers. We are targeting expand across   Malaba and Busia.

Oreegs vision is to see a region accessing all its needs in terms of poultry products.

Founded and bootstrapped in October 17th 2017, we focused first on building the farm.  Revenues begin in 2019 with projections of $380,000.

Next or Oreeggs is a chicken feed plant, veterinarian supplies, slaughterhouse, cold storage for both eggs and poultry meat and purchase a farm truck for distribution of farm products.

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