Geossy is a commercial aquaculture farm based in Tororo District, Eastern region of Uganda

Geossy produces tilapia for sale to local and regional markets as well as fish feeds and fingerlings for its own fish farm and for sale to other fish farms in Eastern Uganda.

Geossy currently owns a 19 acre hatchery, a 50-year commercial fish license to farm in Lake Victoria, Majanji District, and two feed mills.

Incorporated in 2009, Geossy is currently run by a Ugandan entrepreneur with 10+ years’ experience working in aquaculture.

Geossy currently employs 10 permanent and 6 casual staff and supplies fish to a network of 135 local fish vendors mainly comprising youth and women

Geossy has also trained more than 1,600 farmers on how to set up sustainable fish farms by supervising cage construction & acting as a resource for quality inputs, we directly support 250 women who were former sex workers in Eastern districts of Busia, Malaba, Tororo, Bugiri and Iganga hardly hit by HIV, Poverty, early marriages, malnutrition, etc.

Next for us is increasing production, deploying more fish cages, doubling the size of the hatchery, and acquiring a larger feed mill.

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