Chicken Basket


Western Kenya consumes 400,000 chickens every day, but only 20% is locally produced. The rest are produced elsewhere in Kenya or imported from Uganda.

Chicken Basket works directly with smallholder poultry farmers through aggregation, processing and distribution of chickens into the local market.

  1. We train farmers on sustainable and commercialization of poultry farming, the vetenary officer must visit the farm to access the house, guide and advice the farmer on how to prepare before collecting the chicks and other inputs.
  2. We sell chicks, feeds and medications to poultry farmers, and in the process of production, the farmers also enjoy extension support services.
  3. We aggregate and buy back the grown chickens, process pack and sell to local supermarkets, hotel, and restaurants, as well as in our own chain of butcher shops and restaurant.

The consumption of poultry meat in Kenya is predicted to triple by 2030 (FAO 2008) due to urbanization, population growth and increased incomes.

Chicken is the lowest cost meat for this growing middle class and Chicken Basket is already the largest producer in Western Kenya. Our plans are to grow tenfold in the next five years.

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