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Ziweto Enterprises improves lives by raising the value of livestock, providing smallholder farmers access to quality and affordable veterinary and animal nutrition products through its network of “Ziweto Agrovet Shops”

In Malawi, smallholder farmers lose 30% of their farm animals to preventable diseases. Farmers lack access to reliable and affordable animal health services, often trekking long distances to find these shops and purchase lifesaving drugs for their livestock. 

Ziweto partners with leading multi-national veterinary products manufacturers to source quality products that are distributed through its network of seven “Ziweto Agrovet Shops.” Three are company owned and four are operated by micro-franchisees. To further increase our reach, we also recruit, train and equip Livestock Lead Farmers (currently 90), who operate as last mile distributors.

Livestock increases food security and farmers’ incomes. Livestock offers a sustainable pathway out of poverty and hunger for poor smallholder farmers across Malawi.

Ziweto growth plans are to expand its network to 21 stores by 2021, with that expansion reaching 200,000 smallholder farms across Malawi. In addition, Ziweto is investing in domestic manufacturing of livestock nutrition products including feed supplements and various stock feeds.

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