$36+ million of annual revenues


A year ago we touted $24 million in aggregate annual revenues from the bizi for calendar year 2022, up more than three-fold from 2019. For 2023, that total exceeded $36 million, which is more than 5x in four years, and up 60x over the last decade.

The bigger growth stories in 2023 were: TRUK Rwanda, which tripled in 2023 to $6.4 million in annual revenues, up from zero four years earlier as the company started in April 2020; Goldenpot, which earned just $24,000 back in 2019 and $1.4 million in 2023; Ziweto Enterprise, which had its first $1+ million year in 2023; and Agro Supply, Swahili Honey, Paniel Meat Processing, and East Africa Foods, which were all highlighted in the recent blog post about the fast-growing SMEs.

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