Post harvest food losses and waste is a major problem in the food and agriculture industry in sub-Saharan Africa. It is estimated that every year almost 50% of fruits and vegetables, 40% of roots and 20% of cereals are lost. This especially affects smallholder farmers and the food industry in general. It results in seasonal shortages and price hike

African agriculture has long been a symbol of the continent’s poverty. We believe that by working directly with smallholder farmers and tackling these problems, we will create a robust supplysystem, not merely prevent starvation. By doing so we will also fight disease, poverty and malnutrition, create businesses and jobs and boost the continent’s economies and improve its trade balances.

Agromyx works directly with smallholder farmers to process fresh produce (fruits, vegetables, and cereals) into powder to extend their shelf life, without adding any preservatives or additives.

  • We currently process tomatoes, black velvet tamarind, baobab and mango. We supply hotels and restaurants.
  • We also process cereals (fonio, brown rice…) into nutritious instant meals by adding fruits and vegetables.

The current demand we are addressing in Ghana’s main urban areas is estimated at 30,000 tons per year, equivalent to USD 300 million, whereas Agromyx is forecasted to take 35% market share within five years.

While we started selling only in parts of Accra, the capital of Ghana, the demand to Agromyx keeps increasing.

Next for us is more machines, to meet the unmet demand we’ve already received. Then exports and replication in other countries across Africa.

Fonio Flakes are available on Amazon… and are delicious.

Agromyx fonio flakes

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