Filling in the Missing Middle


“The Missing Middle” is what we call the gap in finance the majority of entrepreneurs face in getting from a viable prototype or early customers to a full-scale proven business. This talk was presented at Sankalp Global 2022 by Luni Libes, co-founder and CEO of Africa Eats.

In Part 1, Luni explains who he is, and how he came to fill in this otherwise missing middle.


In Part 2, Luni jumps back to the history of venture capital to explain the pervasive paradigm that leads to the missing middle.


In Part 3, we dive into the “Valley of Death” and how little capital it takes to bridge that gap.


In Part 4, real stories from real companies and real investments are shared, including impressive outcomes from tiny amounts of capital.


Finally, in Part 5, Luni explains how you can do what he does too. You can make a lot of money while solving real problems by joining him in filling the missing middle, anywhere you like in the world, as this gap is everywhere.

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