The 2024 Gathering


It’s almost time for Africa Eats’ annual “Gathering”, where all of the bizi founders fly to Nairobi for two days of facilitated discussions including a deep dive into building the missing business infrastructure for African SMEs, including a plan to unlock the capital markets.

This event is unlike any other we know of. It is the day after Sankalp, but far more interactive, more driven toward implementable solutions, partnerships, and brainstorming of ideas. This year we’ll have over 30 entrepreneurs in the room from all across Africa, including many from the newly created investment company, Africa Trees in addition to those from Africa Eats.

Both of these organization follow the same “we’re not a fund” business model, investing with a goal of perpetual ownership. That leads to vastly different interactions between investor and investee which is best explained by seeing it in action at this event.

Annual Gathering 2023 has a brief description and some pictures from last year’s gathering.

Investors, grantors, and support organizations are all welcome to attend the opening morning of this year’s event 9am-12:30pm on March 1, 2024 in Nairobi, Kenya.
Contact us for details.

UPDATE: February 22, 2024

Eight days until the event, we have 50 founders and management from 36 companies based in 10 African countries confirmed, along with more than 40 guests. This is up from 25 people from 20 companies a year ago and a dozen guests.

If you are an investor or grantor and would like to meet these extraordinary entrepreneurs, contact us for details.

Africa Eats & Africa Trees

The companies attending are from two portfolios. Africa Eats and our new sister org, Africa Trees. Africa Eats focuses on lowering hunger and poverty through investing in supply-chain companies, while Africa Trees focuses on land restoration through planting trees, similarly through investments in for-profit SMEs.

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