Increasing Incomes and Improving Lives (II)


Africa Eats’ mission is to lower hunger and eliminate poverty across Africa. Dropping post-harvest losses from 40% to 2% is one way to lower hunger. The other is increasing the incomes of farmers, which simultaneously and directly eliminates poverty.

On average, the bizi double the income of their farmers. We’ve seen that proven in the first 60 Decibels report on the farmers of East Africa Foods/Fruits, and again in the second report, again by 60 Decibels on the farmers buying inputs from Agro Supply.

Below left documents the increased production by 201 farmers, 87% producing more food, 73% of them producing more food on their existing farmland. Below right documenting 88% of the farmers with increased earnings, with 10% having no change, matching the 10% whose yields were unchanged.

The expectation is that increased incomes increase quality of life. The next set of survey questions prove that expectation true. 88% of the farmer’s reported an improved quality of life, and 11% unchanged.

Unsurprisingly, decreasing poverty decreases the stress associated with meeting basic needs.

Is working with Agro Supply a good deal for the farmers? 86% say it is a “good” or “very good” value for money, and only 2% rated it “poor”. And more to the point, 93% would be disappointed if the service went away.

This report matches all the anecdotal stories we’ve received from the bizi over the years. If you missed the first 60 Decibels report, read it here. We’ll share more quantitative reports in the future as they are generated.

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