Kalahari Honey


Kalahari Honey a honey aggregator, packager, and distributor from Botswana that produces honey and honey wine for both local and export market.

Botswana is home to the world’s largest elephant population. 70% of the country is a desert, and 80% of the population practices some form of agriculture leaving only 30% of land habitable the conflict between human and wildlife is inevitable. Every year elephant destroy farms and kill people.

Kalahari Honey uses beehives to keep elephants away from farms, naturally lowering the human-elephant conflict. We train and supply farmers with beehives that they use bees as living fences.

We have built a network of 300 farmers as outgrowers, all women.

In 2019 Kalahari Honey produced and exported 12 tons of honey within Botswana and to neighboring countries such as Lesotho, Namibia, plus an e-commerce trial in the United States. There is a potential to supply more than 50 tons in 2020. The demand is high and we struggle to find, create and buy sufficient local supply.

Also in 2019, while attending Fledge in Seattle, Kalahari Honey discovered honey wine. There are no wineries in Botswana and in 2020 the plan is to add honey wine as a value-added product line.

Kalahari Honey addresses six of the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Wildlife conservation
  • Food security
  • Life of land
  • Gender
  • Job creation

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