Over $2.8 million per month


Which sounds and feels biggest?

  • $2.83 million per month
  • $8.5 million per quarter
  • $34 million per year

Back in mid-2020, when Africa Eats was founded, we were touting total aggregate revenues across the whole portfolio of companies as $7 million. That was the actual revenue earned by the “bizi” in 2019.

In the three months of Q2 2023 (April-June), the bizi earned $8.5 million. That is an average of $2.83 million per month, and a quarterly-based annual run rate of $34 million.

That puts the bizi on track for 5-fold growth in the four years 2019-2023. An impressive growth rate for so-called “SMEs”, and even more so when you dig deeper to discover that nearly all these companies are profitable too.

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