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Over 60% of Zambia’s 17m+ population live in rural areas and over 90% of these people are smallholder farmers. Most Zambian farmers engage in livestock farming especially goats but lack access to an organized market to turn those goats into income.  Zamgoat empowers smallholder farmers, by creating a sustainable market opportunity for goats, buying goats from farmers, butchering and...

Livestock Bank

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The demand for livestock and poultry products is growing faster than the production in African countries.  Local meat production covers part of the demand, while the rest is met by imports.  The major constraints for production are inadequate feeds in terms of quality and quantity, diseases, poor genetics, and lack of commercial orientation. To feed the growing African middle class, the...


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“Roughly one-third of the maize produced in the world for human consumption every year, approximately 1.3 billion tones are wasted. These losses are particularly unfortunate in Africa where 220 million people are estimated to be undernourished”. – United Nations Every smallholder farmer knows the success of his crop depends on the quality of inputs, from the best seeds to proper irrigation and...

Honey Products

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In Malawi, of the 200 tons of honey demanded yearly only 60-90 tons is supplied domestically, creating a deficit of 110 ton, $1 million USD trade deficit. Meanwhile Malawi is an agricultural country with a potential to not only meet its domestic demand but at the same time to export $10+ million annually to neighboring countries and into the global honey market. Farmers are not utilizing this...

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