Over 1 billion Africans


While the news organizations and policy makers often talk about the 1.4 billion people in China and 1.4 billion people in India, it is far rarer when they point out there is also 1.4 billion people in Africa.

The population of China is already at its peak and declining, and the population of India is expected to peak in the 2020s, but UN projects the population of just Sub-Saharan Africa to reach 2 billion in the 2040s and then grow somewhere between 2.5 billion and 5 billion by 2100.

That growth is due to the fact that half of all Africans are under the age of 19. In the next 19 years they will all be adults, and most will be parents.

Meanwhile, healthcare is improving, life expediencies are growing and the adults today will mostly still be alive.

Add to this trend the fact that many of the fastest-growing GDPs are in Sub-Saharan Africa, and you end up with Africa being the next global growth spurt following the Asian Tigers in the 1980s, China in the 1990s, and India in the early 2000s.

The continental GDP is likely to double in the 2030s, barring some continental catastrophe, which is unlikely given the risk mitigation that comes from 54 countries and 35 currencies.

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