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Despite over ¾ of Africans being farmers or children of farmers, not every African is able to eat three meals per day. Most of that is due to post-harvest losses, with up to ⅓ of the grain and almost ½ of all the fruit and vegetables grown never making it to a plate to eat.

Because of the post-harvest losses, Africa spends tens of billions of dollars per year importing food. Ending this downward spiral of mounting debt ends when Africa is a net exporter of food.

There is far too much friction in funding the existing, homegrown, for-profit solutions to hunger and poverty too often ignored by financial institutions. Not just initial funding, but growth-stage funding and critical financial services.

A solution for all these issues is Africa Eats, a holding company with a diverse set of African food/ag companies supporting hundreds of thousands of smallholder farmers, feeding millions of Africans.

Africa Eats does not try solving this problem from scratch, but instead begins with 30 fledglings (graduates) of Fledge, the global network of conscious company accelerators. 30 young, for-profit, growing companies chosen from thousands as most likely to succeed, with impact embedded in their product or service, and who have all received two months of intense training, capital, and follow-on support. 30 companies which in 2021 earned over $16 million in aggregate revenues and which worked directly with over 100,000 smallholder farmers.

See how it works in more detail and contact us if you are interested in owning a piece of this fast-growing portfolio or if you can help us grow these companies even faster.

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$100,000 –> $250,000 –> $1 million


Africa Eats may only have been around since 2020, but 14 of our portfolio companies have been operating since at least 2016. What is amazing to see is the growth of these companies. We’ve previously touted their growth in terms of aggregate revenues. Today let’s instead look at their growth in terms of individual scale, dividing them up by those above $250,000 in annual revenues (USD...

The Needs of Fast Growing African Companies


The following is an excerpt from a Sankalp Africa 2022 panel talking with real African entrepreneurs about the challenges of fast-growing companies in Africa.

The speakers include the founders of Agro Supply, East Africa Fruits, Ziweto Enterprise, Paniel Meat Processing, Livestock Bank, and TRUK (Rwanda).

Crops earning cash in Africa


When the words “cash crop” is used in Africa, most people think first about coffee, tea, and cacao, if not also about cashews, mangoes, and palm oil. But no, those thoughts overlook the staples of cassava, maize, and yams, and the huge quantities of bananas, tomatoes, onions, and rice. Some of these products are grown more in Africa than anywhere else in the world: More more details...

Why the Opportunities are so large in Africa


Why are the opportunities in Africa larger than elsewhere in the world? Simple. Demographics. The average age in Europe is 42, with more people retiring each year than children being born. THe same is soon true in America, Asia, and Australia. But in Africa, the average age is only 19. In simple terms, half of everyone in Africa is child or teenager. A bit younger if you leave out North Africa...

TRUK (Rwanda)


Back in 2020 when the pandemic began, Paniel Meat Processing found itself with an internal logistics system covering the major cities in Rwanda, but excess capacity due to the lockdowns. To keep the trucks busy, they spun out Paniel Transport & Logistics. Creating new companies to solve internal problems was not new to Herve Tuyishime, founder/CEO. He had done the same with livestock...



How do you value a portfolio of young, fast-growing, private companies? One at a time. There are a multitude of valuation methodologies for public companies, most of which do not work for companies with 50%+ annual growth, nor for any company that is plowing profits back into the company to keep up or speed up that growth rate. Investopedia has a good primer on valuation. Africa Eats uses a...

The fastest growth of 2021


Which of the dozens of fast-growing companies in the portfolio grew the most in 2021? There are two ways to answer that question. Agro Supply, by percentage Measured by percentage, Agro Supply grew the fastest, from $217,000 of of revenue in 2020 to just over $1 million in 2021. Nearly five-fold for the year. This is a company with a unique model for smallholder farmers to invest in agriculture...

Bottom up


There are two ways to solve the biggest problems of the world (like hunger and poverty): top-down and bottom-up. Governments, foundations, and most investors take the top-down approach. They look at a region like Africa, declare is “undeveloped” and bring to it solutions they’ve seen elsewhere, which may or may not actually solve the problems. Africa Eats uses a very different...

New Year, New Map (2022)


2022 begins the third calendar year of operations for Africa Eats. One unique aspect of the investment holding company is that it included a portfolio of companies from Day 1. Despite the pandemic we not only didn’t have any failures in these past two years but our entrepreneurs have grabbed new opportunities and spun-off or spin-up new companies, and we’ve added most of them to the...

Doubling every 18-24 months


5 months ago we posted: What sets elephants apart is that they can grow to be huge, that they grow steadily and rather quickly, and that most of all, while they have the mystique like a unicorn, they are real, not mythical. How fast do our elephants grow? Above are the actual revenues from four of the largest companies in the Africa Eats portfolio. The eight largest companies are expected to each...

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